What are the changes to RealTimes and RealPlayer storage?

In May, we announced a change to our free RealTimes and RealPlayer plans to include 1GB of free storage. This free storage allows subscribers to store personal photos and videos and to share them with family and friends. We will no longer offer special bonus storage for subscribers that use auto backup, refer a friend, or connect a new device.

How does this affect existing subscribers?

Free RealTimes and RealPlayer storage will decrease from 2GB to 1GB on November 16, 2016 for all subscribers of the free RealTimes and RealPlayer plans. This will not affect people with a Premium, Unlimited, or All Access Unlimited plan. We want to make sure people have enough time to manage their media files so we are informing our free plan subscribers about this change ahead of time.

If I don’t do anything, what will happen to my photos and videos?

If you have a free RealTimes or RealPlayer plan your storage will be decreased to 1GB effective November 16, 2016. If you’re using more than 1GB after that date, your oldest content will be deleted to reduce your storage to 1GB. Your most recent content will remain available in your account.

What if I had extra storage from a special offer?

Some of our free plan subscribers received additional storage as a result of special offers. All free plans will be reduced to 1GB, including those that had extra storage.

How do I check how much storage I have and how much I’m using?

To check your storage, simply sign into your account and select your name in the top right hand corner. You’ll see the amount of storage in the drop down box.

What can I do if I want to keep my photos and videos?

In order to prevent your files from being deleted, you can remove files from account to reduce your storage requirements. You’ll continue to have access to all of your files until November 16, 2016. If you would like to download your photos and videos and save them in another location, we’ve put together these helpful instructions to get you started.

What if I want to pay for more storage?

If you’re interested in upgrading your account, we’re offering current free subscribers 50% off a RealTimes premium plan or RealPlayer premium plan with additional file storage, premium music and effects for your video stories, and HD video streaming. Upgrade your account HERE

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