Monthly Archive:: July 2012

Ask RealPlayer: RealPlayer Plus DVD Burning Software

We love hearing from users of our products. When features aren’t working the way you think they should, we want to help. That’s the idea behind Ask RealPlayer. We’re going to be providing answers to those questions straight from our product experts. Think of Ask RealPlayer as your buddy that works at RealPlayer. Please

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First Video Visionary Award – Education Recipient: Symphony of Science

Earlier this month we announced a new category in RealPlayer’s Video Visionary Award series – Education. We’re happy to announce the first recipient is John D. Boswell and the Symphony of Science series of videos. The award recognizes those who are using the power of video to create world-class educational content for the masses. The Symphony of Science is a

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10 Video Shooting Tips for Capturing 4th of July Fireworks with a Phone

Fireworks mesmerized cultures in Asia and Europe centuries before 4th of July pyrotechnics became a tradition marking the United States’ Declaration of Independence in 1776. This year, many people have the ability to record video of the fireworks using the smartphone they carry in their pocket or purse. There’s nothing like being at an

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