Monthly Archive:: June 2013

Video Visionary Award – Humanitarian Recipient: Invisible Children

We’re pleased to announce our next recipient of the RealPlayer Video Visionary Award – Humanitarian, which recognizes non-profit organizations that use video in innovative and creative ways to help spread their message, is Invisible Children. This organization is dedicated to addressing the problems surrounding the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) Conflict in Eastern and Central Africa by

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How to Record Skype Video Calls

One of Skype’s best features is its easy — and free — video calling feature. But what if you need to record a video interview? Or maybe you’d simply like to keep some personal conversations for posterity. Wondering how to record Skype video? It’s easier to do than you might think. Unfortunately, Skype doesn’t

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Roundup Of Incredible Car Crash Videos

By Bradley Taylor In the world of casual living comes times of extreme moments that lead to incredible controversy. In the world of driving, car crashes become a generated fear that hits the hearts of anyone who can imagine experiencing what they are seeing. There’s something about watching a car crash; you may want

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