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DVD Burning Is Quick and Easy with RealPlayer Plus

Burn DVDs in just three steps and take your video library with you. When you use RealPlayer Plus to burn DVDs simply pick videos in your RealPlayer library or choose videos from your computer, click Add Selected to Disc, create the order you want the videos to appear on the DVD, and click Burn Video to Disc. There are also options available for naming the disc and the type of information you want included on the DVD. It couldn’t be easier to burn DVDs of your favorite online videos downloaded into your RealPlayer Library. Then you can watch the videos on the big screen, and step away from the computer. Once you use RealPlayer Plus to burn DVDs take them with you and watch them on your car’s DVD player.

How to Burn a HD DVD for your Blu-ray Player

It couldn’t be easier to burn HD DVDs with RealPlayer Plus. You can use the DVD burning software to burn HD DVDs that you can play in Blu-ray players. RealPlayer converts existing video formats to AVCHD and transfers them to DVDs. Choose AVCHD DVD Video from the Select Disc Type drop down menu in the RealPlayer video library. Then select the videos you want to burn from your video library, and press the Burn Video to Disc button. There’s no need to invest in expensive Blu-ray discs, save time and money by using standard DVD discs to burn DVDs of HD videos.

Supported drives for CD and DVD burning in RealPlayer

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