Transfer Video to Mobile

Transfer Mobile Videos:
Move Videos Between A Phone And PC

Use RealPlayer’s Free Mobile Video Converter To Take Your Videos With You Using RealTimes for iOS and Android devices

Do you have a ton of videos on your computer that you’d rather watch on a mobile device? Maybe you travel a lot and would like to take videos of family and friends with you on the road. Do you like to watch videos on your phone during a commute, but your large library of videos is stored on your home computer? There’s no reason to leave your videos at home on your computer when you can easily transfer them to a mobile phone to watch with RealTimes. RealPlayer can quickly turn videos on your computer into mobile videos that can be viewed on your phone in RealTimes. User can also upload the content to their RealCloud account and stream the content to RealTimes Once they’re on your mobile phone, you can watch them wherever you want regardless if you have an Internet connection. Here’s how to do it once your videos are stored in your RealPlayer library:

  1. Select a video in your RealPlayer library and click the More button in the lower menu bar and click Convert.convert to phone

  2. Click the Select a Format button. You can use the first drop down menu to choose Custom, Video Formats, or Audio Formats. Select the file format you want to convert the video to and click OK.
  3. Click the green Start button and RealPlayer does the rest.

Once they’re on your mobile phone, you can watch them wherever you want regardless if you have an Internet connection.

Transfer Videos from Your Computer to Your Phone with RealTimes

Video files are big and moving them from a computer to a mobile device can be time consuming. You can easily transfer videos on your computer to your phone if both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. Here’s how to transfer videos from your computer to your phone using RealTimes:

1. Open the RealTimes app on your phone and select Photos & Videos from the bottom menu bar. Then click the Photos & Videos at the top of the screen and a dropdown menu will appear.



2. If both your phone and computer are using the same network and device sharing is enabled, you’ll see the name of your computer. Click the name of your computer to browse content stored there. Select the videos you want and download it to your phone then tranfer!

Get RealTimes for your Mobile Device now

Try it now, to see how easy it is to organize and share your media from your phone to friends, family and co-workers. Watch your RealPlayer PC content on the go by linking your Real account to RealTimes mobile app.

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If you have any questions about transfering files, please leave a comment below. We are happy to help answer all your video conversion questions.