RealTimes is the fastest and easiest way to get the most out of all of your personal photos and videos. It finds the best photos and videos you’ve taken and automatically turns them into RealTimes Stories™ that can be easily saved and shared.

RealTimes solves one of the biggest problems consumers face today: too many photos and videos, and not enough time to organize and share them. RealTimes automatically picks the best moments from a consumer’s photo and video camera roll – that big soccer goal or baby’s first birthday – and automatically and instantly creates an engaging video montage called a RealTimes Story. It’s also easy and fast to customize RealTimes Stories by rearranging clips and photos, changing the duration, and adding filters and personal soundtracks. RealTimes Stories are fun to watch and can easily be shared – recipients don’t even need the app to view the Stories.

RealTimes is great for everyone who uses a smartphone to take pictures, which is to say anyone with a smartphone. But it’s especially valuable for parents, for two reasons: (1) parents take tons of photos and video of their kids, and (2) because parents are super busy, they don’t have the time to cull through their massive camera rolls to enjoy their photos/video again or the time to pick the best ones to share with friends and family – they need a solution that creates great results automatically.

The RealTimes app is available as a free download on nine different devices at launch, including: Android™ phones and tablets, iPhone™, iPad®, Windows® PCs, Roku® TV players, and Chromecast™. It will soon be available on Mac®, Amazon Fire Phone, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Kindle Fire, and Xbox One™. RealTimes comes with two gigabytes (2GB) of cloud storage for free, plus an additional five gigabytes (5GB) to users who enable Auto Upload.